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Catalog has a broad portfolio of celebrated international brands, you can enjoy a one-stop experience shopping a variety of street style essentials including sneakers, apparel and accessories for your casual look. Alongside hottest sneaker brands like adidas Originals, New Balance and Converse, Catalog keeps sourcing new brand names every season and owns a team of fashion designers to bring non-stop excitement to fashionista like you. Catalog is also active in collaborating with renowned brands and characters like Disney Series, Pokemon, Plastic Things, etc. These highly anticipated crossover apparel and merchandise become a massive hit among adult and kids.

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Every cumulative HK$125 spending
Term and Conditions
  1. The Promotion (as defined hereinbelow) is valid from 1 May 2024 to 31 Dec 2025, both days inclusive (the “Promotion Period”). 
  2. To be eligible for earning K Dollars under this Promotion, a participant of this Promotion must be a member of the K Dollar Program (“KDP”) (a loyalty program operated by Missions Points Network Company Limited (“MPNCL”)) and log into his/her KDP account before completing the Eligible Transaction (as defined hereinbelow).
  3. During the Promotion Period, a participant may earn K Dollars by making an eligible transaction at Catalog (the “Merchant”) through clicking into the designated URL to make a purchase at the Merchant’s webpage (the “Eligible Transaction”), excluding any invalid, cancelled, refunded, returned and/or exchanged purchases (after discount and shipping and/or handling fee) (the “Promotion”). 
  4. The earning of K Dollars under this Promotion is calculated as follows: 1 K Dollar for every cumulative HK$125 spending on the Eligible Transaction(s).
  5. If a KDP member settles any payment in a foreign currency, the exchange rate used for calculating the cumulative spending for earning K Dollar(s) by a KDP member under this Promotion is determined by the Merchant.
  6. Cookies must be enabled on the electronic device at the time of making the Eligible Transaction.
  7. K Dollar(s) will be credited to the valid KDP membership account of the KDP member within 90 days after the lapse of refund period/time stipulated in the Merchant’s relevant product/service return policy.
  8. K Dollar(s) will not be earned in the event of any refund or cancellation of the Eligible Transaction(s). A KDP member shall forthwith inform KDP of any transaction where K Dollar(s) have been earned/obtained/redeemed but such transaction is subsequently cancelled, refunded or reversed for whatever reasons. In such circumstances, or if the KDP member fails to inform KDP but it has come to the knowledge of KDP of those cancelled, refunded or reversed transaction(s), then: (a) the KDP member shall pay to KDP forthwith upon notice from KDP for the value of the K Dollar(s), which value shall be determined by KDP in its sole and absolute discretion; and/or (b) KDP shall be entitled to deduct the K Dollars earned from the Eligible Transaction(s) from the KDP member account.
  9. K Dollar(s) will be credited to the account of the KDP members in the form of K Points. The K Dollar(s) credited are valid until the nearest quarter end date (i.e. March/June/September/December) 12 months after the date of such K Dollar rewards crediting. 
  10. The Eligible Transaction made by a KDP member will only be eligible for K Dollar(s) crediting by one KDP membership account. The K Dollar(s) earned by KDP members cannot be split between two or more KDP membership accounts for the same purchase(s).
  11. For the avoidance of doubt, K Dollar(s) will only be credited to the account of the KDP member who made the Eligible Transaction and cannot be transferred to other KDP members.
  12. K Dollars cannot be exchanged for cash, gifts or other privileges. 
  13. Any participants in the Promotion shall waive all his/her rights and interests, if any, of any natures to pursue against MPNCL.
  14. The personal data of a participant under this Promotion may be collected by Swire Resources Limited and shared with the related partners (including MPNCL) for the purpose of redemption and calculation of K Dollar(s) only.
  15. The KDP member may not be entitled to earn K Dollars under this Promotion due to certain reason(s), which may include the following (the list not being exhaustive):
    a. The KDP member’s last click before making the purchase is not made via the designated URL as referred to in Clause 3 of these Terms and Conditions;
    b. The KDP member returned a product to the Merchant or cancelled a service;
    c. The KDP member’s purchase failed to meet with the requirement of the Merchant’s terms and conditions;
    d. The KDP member already placed items in the Merchant’s shopping cart and did not start a fresh session when making a purchase; e. The KDP member’s payment failed or did not meet the requirements of the Merchant’s credit check;
    f. The transaction may not be tracked if more than one browser window for the Merchant outlet is created;
    g. The KDP member has already enjoyed other promotional and/or discount offer provided by the Merchant.
  16. MPNCL is not the supplier of the goods, products and/or services provided by the Merchant and makes no representation or guarantee as to the description/quality of the goods, products and/or services, and accepts no liability for any matters arising from, or in relation to, the same. All enquiries in relation to the goods, products and/or services shall be made to the Merchant direct and the Merchant is solely responsible for all obligations and liability relating to the provision of its goods, products and/or services.
  17. Swire Resources Limited and MPNCL are not liable for and will not indemnify the participants for the failure of using the designated URL and/or the Merchant’s webpage, or if the designated URL and/or the Merchant’s webpage is invalid or cancelled or fails to be used (whether due to technical factors or not); and any other possible reasons.
  18. Swire Resources Limited and MPNCL have the right to suspend, terminate or cancel this Promotion at any time without any prior notice.
  19. Swire Resources Limited and MPNCL reserve the rights to amend or revise the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion at any time without prior notice.
  20. Swire Resources Limited and MPNCL reserve the rights for final decision in case of disputes arising out of this Promotion.
  21. Terms and conditions of Swire Resources Limited and KDP shall also apply. For details, please refer to (https://catalog.hkstore.com/catalog_en_us/terms-of-use)and (https://hk.krewards.com/program-terms-and-conditions/) respectively.
  22. In case of discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.